Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – More Than Worth Writing Home About

I’m a fan of postcards. There’s something to be said for hand-written notes. Unfortunately I’ve learned from experience that only about half of them make it to their intended destination. In case my grandparents – who everyone in my family calls Nana and Lucky – didn’t get the postcard I sent from Croatia, this is their digital copy, minus the awe-inspiring, postcard-quality photo plastered on the front. Hopefully they’ve learned to access that new-fangled Interwebz technology by now.

Hello Nana and Lucky,

I’m writing this from Croatia. You would like it here, Lucky. There are plenty of fish waiting to be caught in the shallow, turquoise waters. Well, technically fishing is illegal here, but I’m sure you would find a way around that. Lots of pretty waterfalls, too.

One week left in Europe – I’m getting ready to return to the U.S. and find one of those ummm… job things? Apparently they’re pretty hard to come by these days. I think it’s where you perform services in exchange for monetary compensation. I’m not sure – I only know how to sightsee.

Miss you guys and hope you had a good summer,



About Jared W.

I have to admit, I often blog. Most of what I write is day-to-day drivel type stuff that isn’t fit for public consumption. This blog will probably be much of the same, except it’s European backpacking drivel! The fact that I’ll be typing away in quant cafes and hostels during my 80-day journey surely elevates this blog to readable status. No? Well, whateva - skip my ramblings and admire all the pretty colors in my pictures. But keep reading if you want a more complete look at the life of a recent graduate turned happy vagabond. Promise I won’t write too much about “finding myself.” If I do, there’s a fair chance my computer and I have found a pub where Belgian or German beer is part of the afternoon happy hour. First stop: London.
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